Tamsin had to carry the soul of someone she considered a MOTHER to Valhalla.


Kleenex should pay me revenue for saying this. 

That is not right. You cannot have Tammy do this. Not to Kenzi



I changed my mind. Being in prison camp is the best thing that ever happened to Pam. She’s getting her mental health seen to, free meals of hot ladies, and a hunger games workout room. Tara’s arms are showing again. They both look great. Can we just have them stay forever in their own spinoff?

Also, I’m gonna need gifs of Jessica hiding behind Tara so as to not become someone’s bitch


Question: Any scoop you can give us on Pam and Tara’s love/hate relationship on True Blood? — Ashley

Ausiello: Oh, c’mon. Even though the language they use is often hateful, you know their relationship is really more of a love/love sort. And in this week’s episode, Tara makes a biiig sacrifice that proves it yet again.